Monday, June 17, 2013

Review: Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment

I certainly do not have a shortage of oil on my face nor my hair, so when I received a bottle of Macadamia Natural Oil's Healing Oil Treatment in my May Glam Bag from Ipsy, I was less than thrilled.  I figured I didn't need any more help in the oil department and such products should be reserved for those dry, damaged hair types.  I, in my fleeting beauty wisdom, could not have been more wrong.

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This product is the best thing that's ever happened to my hair.  It leaves my hair sleek and shiny without making me look like I should be in a 90's grunge band.  Plus, I'm all about saving time in my morning routine and this will reduce your hair's dry time by 40-50%.  The reason why, which I found interesting, is found on Macadamia's website:
As you know, oil and water separate - so when the oil is absorbed into the hair it basically pushes water trapped under the cuticle out and allows it to dry faster.  The heat from the blow dryer reduces the viscosity and enhances penetration even further.  Drying time can be reduced upwards of 40-50% due to this effect, which not only saves you time but also minimizes exposure to heat-related hair damage.
This oil can be a godsend for any hair type (although I would avoid applying to your roots if you have naturally oily hair).  The oil is a tad bit expensive  through the brand's website and Ulta ($13.50 for just a 1 oz. bottle), but you can find it at a pretty nice discount on Amazon.

TIP: If you love trying out different products, but don't want to spend a ton on something you might not even like, subscription beauty boxes are a great option.  I subscribe to Ipsy's Glam Bag and I love it!  You get 5 good-sized (sometimes full-sized) products for only $10 a month!  I just received my June bag, so I'll be showing you what I got soon!

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